From a health perspective, we’re all the same in that we all
need to eat to live. But we’re different in the ways that will work best for us
to be healthy and reach weight goals.

One of the most popular schools of thought is to eat 5-6
small meals per day. For me, all that does is make me hungry all day. One of my
primary struggles is portion control, so I’ve found that if I eat 3 meals a day
with no snacking I’ll be less hungry and can more easily lose weight.

One of my friends can’t eat more than small portions at a
time, and for her specific health condition she needs to eat 6 times per day. Some
people I know skip  breakfast as part of
intermittent fasting and claim more energy and less hunger.

Bottom line: however we schedule our meals, we all
need to eat food that fuels our bodies. Without food our bodies become weak and

The same is true for how and when you feed yourself with the
Word of God. Some people prefer to study one book at a time. Some will meditate
on just a few verses. Some read the Proverb and Psalm of the day, some memorize
verses and chapters. Some people will randomly open their Bibles and read from
there. I’ve had seasons of all of the above, depending on what God wanted to
speak to me.

For when to read, I prefer to read in the morning. Some
people read at night. Others will read more on the weekends and whenever they
can during a busy week.

Bottom line: whenever or however we read the Bible, we all need
to ingest the Word that fuels our Spirits. Without reading the Bible, our
spirits become weak and tired. We don’t have the grace or strength to sustain
us through tough days. Most importantly, we can’t know the Truth about God and
His infinite love for us.

Just like we would never expect someone else to eat for us
so we can be full, we should not expect others to read the Bible for us and
tell us what it says. Set your mind to read the Bible every day and get ready
to experience the life-changing power of God’s Word!

All Scripture is
God-breathed [given by divine inspiration]

and is profitable for
instruction, for conviction [of sin],

for correction [of
error and restoration to obedience],

for training in
righteousness [learning to live in conformity to God’s will,

both publicly and

behaving honorably
with personal integrity and moral courage];

so that the man of
God may be complete and proficient,

outfitted and
thoroughly equipped for every good work.

(2 Timothy 3:16-17


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