Are you still looking for your purpose in life? Maybe you expect things to go a certain way based on past experience. Or, like me, you try to follow some type of “formula for success” and always seem to come up short.

If any of the above apply to you, you’ve come to the right place. Jesus is the answer! Yes, you’ve heard that a lot, and maybe you even rolled your eyes just now. I did, too, when people said that to me.

Then through a series of events I can only describe as miraculous, I met  Jesus. I learned that life is not about following formulas or rules, or figuring things out. It’s about a daily walk with Jesus, hand in hand, letting Him guide you through life. It’s about choosing trust, faith, and obedience over logic, reasoning, and plans.

On these pages, and through my books, I share what God showed me about everyday choices and lifestyle that  lead to experiencing more joy, peace, and love than I ever thought possible.

And He wants to do the same for you! Will you join me on my journey?

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The Most Important Choice

We all make choices. Today I looked back over many choices I’ve made over my lifetime, including the most important choice I’ve ever made. I pondered how all our choices impact our lives in big ways and small.

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