Living On Purpose For God’s Purpose

Is something missing from your life?

What if it’s not something, but Someone, you are missing?

How long have you tried to fill the void inside, but yet remain empty? Do you find yourself on a treadmill of trying one thing after another but nothing lasts? Do you think about the meaning of not just your existence, but of life overall?

Mary Scro struggled with those questions, too, and spent years searching for the answers in relationships, jobs, and self-improvement. She realized the emptiness she experienced inside was never filled by those things, or by general spiritual knowledge, but by Someone: Jesus! In this book, Mary hopes to guide you through your own questions and encourage you by helping you:

    • focus on Who you know rather than what you know
    • move forward with purpose instead of remaining stuck in your past
    • concentrate on improving your choices rather than changing your circumstances

Let Mary help you experience this amazing truth: finding Jesus fills the emptiness and living for Him gives your life meaning and purpose.




Fighting FOR People, Not AGAINST Them

An unseen battle swirls around us every day, undetected by most. As Christians, we can only win the battle if we’re aware of it and are willing to fight God’s way.

The devil’s goal is to separate us from God and from each other – not with obvious attacks of evil, but by luring us away, one small, seemingly innocent choice at a time. He can only defeat us if we let him – if we are unprepared, unaware, or unwise with our choices.

God calls us to advance the Kingdom of God on the earth, and to love the lost into it. He gave us the authority we need in Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to empower us to do what we cannot in our own strength – all to accomplish His mission.

In this book, the author shares practical advice and testimony from her life, supported by Scripture, about how to enjoy and fight for quality relationships through Bible study, obedience, perseverance, and faith in the One who already won the war.

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