Do you ever feel like you’re in a funk? Can’t get motivated to get your day started? That was me this morning – had the Monday blues. Nothing specific, just a bit of sadness and laziness.

I made a pre-dawn trip to take a friend to the airport and stopped by the store on the way home. When I got home I didn’t feel like doing much. I decided to sit in my prayer closet and talk to the Lord for a bit. 

At first all I could do was sit still and cry. No specific reason. I sat with my Dad and shared my heart. Then I went to my Bible, to the Psalms. Today’s reading included one of the shortest chapters in the Bible, Psalm 117. Here are three translations of this marvelous Psalm:


Praise the Lord, all you nations;
    extol him, all you peoples.
For great is his love toward us,
    and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.

Praise the Lord.



Praise God, everybody!
    Applaud God, all people!
His love has taken over our lives;
God’s faithful ways are eternal.



O praise the Lord, all you nations!
Praise Him, all you people!
For His lovingkindness prevails over us [and we triumph and overcome
through Him],

And the truth of the Lord endures forever.
Praise the Lord! (Hallelujah!)

Wow! Hard to stay sad when reading these words about the magnificent faithfulness and love of our God! 

I continued on with my devotionals. Read more encouraging words about the Lord and His total awesomeness. Lighter in heart but still not ready to jump up and get busy, I decided to relax and allow myself free time to enjoy old TV shows and have a few snacks. My mind needed that escape for a few hours.

OK, enough rest, time to get moving – I had a blog to write! I got up, turned on Christian radio, and sat down at my computer. The God-centered lyrics infused the atmosphere in my office with joy and energy. As I write, I’m listening to My Father’s House by Cory Asbury. He never wanted perfect, He only wants my heart. My failures don’t define me, that’s what my Father does!

Wow! My Father God, Creator of the universe, author of everything I know (and all I don’t know)! He is with me 24/7/365, He knows all about my weaknesses, my mistakes, and my sadness. He knows my strengths, my calling, and every thought that goes through my mind (THAT’S a scary thought in and of itself!)

God knows and loves us all. Completely. Unconditionally. Forever. No matter what. We need Him, life is only complete with Him. He gives us everything we need to love and serve Him fully and with abandon. He longs to be our heart’s desire. He’s worthy of everything we have, all we are. We are His!

That’s what we read about in the Psalms. And that’s what good Christian music confirms to our hearts as we listen to the messages by inspired artists.

When we choose to tune in, we can’t stay blue for long! 

If you’re feeling blue this week, turn your attention to the Author and Perfecter of your faith and focus on His love and faithfulness; not your weaknesses and failures. Turn on the radio and worship with your Christian brothers and sisters. You won’t stay blue for long!

In what other ways do you chase the blues away?

PS – As I finish writing, the song Prize Worth Fighting For by Jamie Kimmett is playing. Here are some of the lyrics – what a fitting way to end this blog!

Your love is my reward
Your love is my reward
When every day is just another struggle
And every choice is an act of war
Gotta pray, gotta press on
To the prize worth fighting for
When it feels like I’ll never make it
When my heart’s crying out for more
Gotta pray, gotta press on
To the prize worth fighting for
The battle rages on
But your promise keeps me strong
I know I’ll win this race
With your unfailing grace

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