This past Wednesday, Don and I started a detox regimen to clear our bodies of progressively worsening food habits. We’re both tired of feeling tired and living in mental fog. I am sick of carrying this extra weight, and of clothes I wore last summer not fitting. Our love affair with food had to end! With resolve, we started our journey toward health on July 1st. 

I actually planned this over a month ago. For me, it takes mental processing time to get prepared if I want to succeed. And of course, for the last few weeks I enjoyed all those “great” foods one more time: fresh bread, french fries, cheese, cookies, and the list goes on.
The first step is 10 days of fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, healthy fats, and TONS of water. So far, so good…and both of us are noticing positive changes. After only 3 days, I just walked up the steps without my joints hurting!
Next we work back in organic, whole foods, meats, eggs. No matter what we eat, portion control and eating when hungry (and not just to eat) are key. Honestly, that has been our biggest struggle for a long time: bad eating habits. To break those habits we need an attitude change about food. So my mantra for this next season is “Food is Not My Friend.” 
The purpose of food is not to tickle our taste buds, comfort us when we’re sad, or even to rejoice with us when we’re happy. Food is fuel for our bodies to enable us to do all God calls us to do. Fuel is to keep our temple – God’s temple – healthy and fit. When we eat healthy as a lifestyle, our bodies purr like a well-tuned engine and our quality of life improves dramatically. And we honor our Creator.
Eating right doesn’t mean food can’t taste good, that everything you eat needs to taste like grass (as my husband would say). But it likely means extra time to get and prepare fresh, quality foods so you can bypass the nasty preservatives in processed food. And it means being intentional about everything you allow into your mouth.

What eating right is not: perfection. We are not committing to never having another piece of bread ever again. We are committing to a lifestyle change where healthy eating becomes the new habit and some of the old favorites are a rare treat.

Will you join us? Congrats if you already have a healthy eating lifestyle! We’d love to hear any tips you have on staying successful. Or, maybe you’re not ready for something as radical as what we’re doing. If not, pray and ask the Lord about what one thing you can change in your daily eating habits that will bring you increased health…and just do it, on purpose!
Food is not my friend…food is not my friend…food is not my friend. Maybe if I keep saying it I’ll eventually believe it.
One day, one minute, one choice at a time, we’ll all get there!
Stay tuned for a progress update next Friday!
Do you not know that your bodies 
are temples of the Holy Spirit, 
who is in you, 
whom you have received from God? 
You are not your own; 
you were bought at a price. 
Therefore honor God with your bodies.
(1 Corinthians 6:19-20, NIV)

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